Orders placed after 1/03/22 will be sent on the 16/03/22..Save 10% off all retail digital print fabric orders over $120 with discount code: LBC10 - FREE SHIPPING on orders over $250 with discount code: FREESHIP - Afterpay available on orders over $60

Preorder updates and information

Preorders take priority over everything else as they’ve already been paid for and people are eagerly waiting for them, we understand waiting can be tough but be know we do everything we can to get it out as quick as we possibly can.


Release One: 2021

Opens: 12/02/2021

Closed: 6/03/2021

Estimated turn around time 8-10 weeks from close of preorder

Please allow up to 12 weeks incase of delays beyond our control

16/04/2021- ordered arrived, will cut up and sent out as soon as possible 


Release Two: 2021

Opened: 26/03/2021

Closes: 14/04/2021

Turn around time: 8-12 weeks

All preorders have been sent, keep an eye out for the retail!


Release Three: 2021

Opened: 26/05/2021

Closed: 9/06/2021

Turn around time: 8-12 weeks

9/07/21: The order has begun to arrive, some has been mistakenly sent to Victoria, I am waiting for it to arrive.


Standard time frames for preorders:

-Preorder opens and runs for 2 weeks approx

-Orders close, artwork and quantities are sent to the company for printing

-Depending on the size of the preorder, it can take 2-3 weeks (the bigger the order, the longer it takes)

-Fabric is shipped by sea, approximately 4 weeks

-Fabric arrives at the port and then sent by freight to me (approximately 4 days) 

-Fabric arrives to me, I then cut and sort which takes me 10 to 18 days depending on the size of the order

-Orders are sent by Auspost